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Experience the art of Slow Food, enjoy the perfect life​

As a Hakka slang does, "Three bowls of Leicha a day guarantees a long life." Leicha, which literally means "Tea powder" or "ground tea", is a traditional tea-based beverage or gruel prevalent among Hakka people. The founder of SIIDCHA has visited Hakka villages around Taiwan and experimented with over 20 kinds of nuts and grains. Ground nut and grains are added into the tea powder to create a variety of flavors. With added innovative elements, this traditional Hakka brew is usually served to guests. Our products preserve the pure and simple flavors of food grown from the earth. 


Company Profile

SIIDCHA have the technique of baking by low temperature constantly more than 30 years, R&D team continues to innovate more products for our customer.
We give customization to our customer, so we are the supplier of Hakka ground tea for most stores on Hakka old street in Taiwan.
We became the first factory of manufacturing Hakka Lei Cha(Hakka ground tea), we not only use many ingredients which was farmed in our country and develop hundreds of recipes, but also share the story of our company and invest in tourism industry.
LinyuanFoods is an experienced manufacturer of grain powder;moreover, we have a new brand named SIID CHA, and also set up a restaurant at Jioufen in Taiwan.


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